28 de enero de 2016

The power of being different

Janina Kugel, Chief HR Officer and member of the Board of Siemens AG, shares her personal story and gives a couple of valuable reflections on leadership and the power of being different:

·        Being different doesn’t make you a victim. On the contrary, it gives you the privilege of looking at things as an outsider, to look beyond the obvious and to see things that many others don’t see. Cultivate your difference and take advantage of that.

·        Being different is an asset in the complex world where we are running business today.

·        Being different requires fighting harder, but when you make a good point, people will remember your face.

·        Groundbreaking innovation doesn’t come from hierarchy. It’s only achieved when you work horizontally and involve your networks.

·        Learn to adapt to different people, to step out of your conventional wisdom. It will make you stronger in leading poople.

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